Today is as good a day as any for a new beginning, right? I’ve been wanting to start this blog for weeks, but have been having this experience:

  1. I sit down at the computer, head full of things I want to write about and share.
  2. I log into WordPress.
  3. I look at the blank new post page and freeze.
  4. Rather than write my first post, I instead tweak the design more, experiment with various widgets, change another word on the About page.
  5. I decide I can’t possibly commit to a first entry yet and log off.

There’s something about the blank page (whether it’s on the screen or in the notebook) that terrifies me a little more than occasionally. It’s clean, pristine, perfect. I want my expression to live up to that perfection. And in terms of this blog, I feel like my first post needs to be seminal, all-encompassing. A decisive mission statement of what I am doing here and all that will follow.

But the truth is I’m not totally sure.

I know that I want to write. And that I will write about many things. Adventures I embark on. Projects I’m in the midst of. Organizations that rock. Thoughts on current events and issues that I care about (including, but not limited to, domestic violence, LGBTQ equality, the environment, and social justice of all kinds). Musings on books I’m reading, music I’m listening to, and movies I’m watching. Freewrites. Photos. Surely some goofiness.

When I sit down to write, after staring at the blank page for long enough, I just take a deep breath and write something down. Anything. So, with the pressure of this first post behind me, I can get on with it already. I plan to post two to three times a week, or as often as life inspires me. Vamos a ver. Stay tuned!