Last night, following a delightful afternoon of Harry Potter and wandering around, I saw Kris Delmhorst—an amazing artist with indie-folk-bluegrass roots, and one of my very favorite musicians—at Mission with my friends Angela and Nate. Kris plus the intimacy of Mission, their delicious food, and awesome company was a perfect combination.

The title of this post comes from her song “Early Everlasting,” from Horses Swimming (the title is a reference to how her fingers look playing the guitar), which I could listen to (and do) over and over again. Her mellifluous voice is enchanting, and her songs speak to the range of life—bittersweetness and just plain sweetness, yearning, journeys, connection, and all sorts more.

Some songs I love that she played last night: Early Everlasting, Mean Old Wind, Words Fail You, Open Road.
Would love to hear next time: Made of Time, Moscow Song, Weatherman, Red Herring, Yellow Brick Road, Strange Conversation.

Angela and I couldn’t resist chatting her up a bit after the show and posing for a grainy and slightly out-of-focus photo.

Angela, Kris Delmhorst, and Me

Angela, Kris Delmhorst, and Me

Big props to Mission for hosting her. They’re up to a lot of great stuff, including the upcoming WordXWord festival that I’m excited to check out (already have my poetry pass purchased).