Last night I had a big cooking adventure. And when I say big, I am overstating in the minds of most. I roasted a chicken and some root vegetables—but it was my first time on my own. I’m trying to get back into cooking good meals for myself and trying to expand my horizons a bit. Been eating out too much and not well too much lately. In preparation for the little big adventure, I knew I needed some spices for flavor enhancement, and realized I had no idea what herbs and spices are packed away in my cupboard. So I took an inventory. Now, I know fresh herbs are better, but cooking for one and only limitedly within the herb-and-spice realm lends itself to the dried variety.

Spices and Herbs—out from the cupboard and into life

Spices and Herbs—out from the cupboard and into life

Here’s what I found:
ground turmeric
garlic powder
ground cumin
stick cinnamon
ground cinnamon
vanilla powder
whole cloves
whole allspice
chili powder
garam masala
ground coriander seed
ground nutmeg

Highly reflective of the chickpea masala I’ve made a couple times and a mulled cider recipe I tried out once.

Which left me to buy at the Co-op yesterday:

Yes, yes, I know. The song. Cheesy. But a great reminder of herbs that are good for chicken (especially soup, which shall be a future adventure). I’ll spare all my vegetarian readers a photo of the cooked chicken. But let me say that it was all very good (and will be for the next couple days as I savor the leftovers). Any recipe suggestions involving any of the spices above most welcome!