So have you heard all this business about the ambush-style disruptions of town hall meetings convened to discuss health-care reform with Democratic senators and representatives? Coming to a town hall near you, courtesy of the far right; organized, promoted, and bankrolled by conservative lobbying groups and certain Republican political leaders and talking heads. Forget productive, democratic debate and dialogue—let’s all just shout like crazy, misinformed people and not let anyone else talk! Makes me anxious just watching the videos. And I would call it nonsense if it weren’t ruining people’s opportunities to get the facts on proposed health-care reform, honestly raise their concerns, and constructively debate the issue. And if it weren’t getting increasingly disturbing. Check out this video with Rachel Maddow’s take on the latest rhetoric. My two cents: give us a public option! (Please note: that exclamation point does not imply or endorse any kind of off-the-wall shouting.) For further coverage, check out the following articles (thanks to MoveOn for referencing them in an e-mail today):

Speaking of Rachel Maddow, I am going to see her give a free talk at Jacob’s Pillow (I know, it’s a random venue) tomorrow! My excitement is uncontainable.

Rachel Maddow at work

Rachel Maddow at work (from The Rachel Maddow Show's Flickr photostream)

A (totally incomplete) list of why I love Rachel Maddow:

  1. She’s incredibly intelligent and articulate.
  2. She’s strong, out, and rockin’.
  3. She provides a much-needed progressive, liberal voice in the mainstream media.
  4. She’s a goofball.
  5. She makes me feel a little less crazy in the face of so much that goes on in our country.
  6. She’s got great glasses (though she doesn’t get to wear them on air enough—too reflective, in the shiny, not the pondering way, apparently).

I leave you with one of my favorite recent Rachel Maddow clips: Correcting the Record on Race, a follow-up to a conversation she had with Pat Buchanan a few days earlier on her show.

PS. Rachel’s been spotted with one of my mason-jar cozies. Seriously.

PPS. Further fun reading on Rachel Maddow:

And just one more thing—you can download the podcast of her show, or watch all the segments you want online, for free! If it were otherwise, I just might have to get cable.