I love WAM, and this is the icon they're using, but I must say that I cringe at the "RU?"—it's just too much.

This past spring, I attended the WAM! conference (I know, it’s like an old Batman cartoon—wam! pow! kazaam!). What is WAM? Women, Action, and the Media, a yearly conference for journalists, activists, and everyone else, dedicated to strengthening women’s voices in the media. Imagine hundreds of women writers, bloggers, filmmakers, journalists, and activists coming together to discuss all sorts of topics at the intersection of the media, activism, and feminism. My favorite panels I attended this spring were:

And in addition to awesome sessions like this, there are free film screenings by Women Make Movies. And the opportunity to connect with other amazing women up to exciting, important work in the world. Plus, the conference is just a starting point. As WAM director Jaclyn Friedman says, “Every day, WAM!mers help each other place op-eds and articles, get powerful media jobs, leverage new technology, hold the media accountable, produce and promote books, films, and other projects, get stories told about our lives and work, and change the very structure of the media itself.”

Up until recently, WAM was a project of the Center for New Words, a Boston nonprofit whose mission is to use the power and creativity of words and ideas to strengthen the voice of progressive and marginalized women in society. But now the Center is transforming into WAM, which will be an independent national organization that will launch local chapters, build a thriving online community and resources, and continue to produce a yearly conference “creating an unstoppable force for gender justice that will change the media landscape for good.” Totally awesome.

This also means that 1) they have to postpone the next conference until 2011 and 2) they really need financial support at this critical transition time. If you think they’re as cool and important as I do, consider chipping in.