Girlyman (one of my favorite, favorite bands) is on tour again, celebrating their new CD, Everything’s Easy (which I have been enjoying since its release)!

I had the distinct pleasure, honor, and delight of attending their show at the first stop on the tour.

But first, check out their countdown to the new tour:

There were many highlights to the wonderful evening at Infinity Hall in Norfolk, Connecticut (only 25 minutes from Great Barrington—who knew?). Here are a few choice slices of the experience:

  • Ty singing “Hudson” solo, just her, her pink tie, white sneakers, and guitar on stage (“I’m gonna go get a snack,” Nate announced before leaving the stage). Loved it. Plain and simple.
  • The opening band, Po’ Girl, was great (loved the accordion, the banjo, the xylophone), lots of fun. But most notably, their drummer, JJ Jones, (who accompanied Girlyman for a big chunk of their set) is a phenomenon in the best kind of way. She plays the drums with her whole body, with a truly unique and rocking style, and it makes me smile and want to be her friend.
  • Girlyman banter, always a delight. Included impressions of Beaker from the Muppets, a musical therapy session, and a tuning song about Nate’s mind being in the gutter.
  • Po’ Girlyman Son of a Preacher Man finale.
  • The sweet couple—a woman and man in their 50s, both school teachers, who had driven two hours on a school night for the show—who sat next to me and chatted about how much they love Girlyman and Dar Williams.
  • Talked briefly to Ty, Doris, and Nate afterward, admitted that it was my eighth show. They’re all adorable and sweet.
  • Beautiful, beautiful venue. I really enjoyed being led to my seat in the sixth row even though I chose the cheapest ticket price (definitely sat there for a few minutes thinking I would get kicked out once a mistake was discovered). Apparently, as the guy sitting next to me was telling me, it used to be an old town hall meeting house, and last year it was restored and renovated into this beautiful high-ceilinged, polished-wood, acoustically awesome, warm, welcoming space. And there’s a great restaurant there, too, I’m told. Can’t wait to check it out again soon.

It was a fantastic night. Never fail, Girlyman—their music, their shows, their presence, their certain ineffable girlyman-ness—just makes me really happy. So, a most genuine of thank yous to them.

Their (not in order, as best as I can remember) set list from the night:

  • Easy Bake Ovens
  • Joyful Sign
  • Viola
  • Could Have Guessed
  • Moose in the Road
  • Amaze Me
  • Reva Thereafter
  • Everything’s Easy
  • Hudson
  • Trees Still Bend
  • Through to Sunrise
  • Say Goodbye
  • Young James Dean
  • Tell Me There’s a Reason
  • My Eyes Get Misty
  • Son of a Preacher Man

(As I typed up this list, I started putting an asterisk by my favorites from the evening, but then it was over half of them, and then I started double-asterisking the favorite favorites, and then it was just out of control, so I deleted them all.)

Be sure to check them out sometime during the rest of their tour!