I would sigh, but I feel angrier than that. The fact that enough Mainers voted to reject the new law legalizing same-sex marriage is beyond disappointing. In the face of a blow like this, it’s hard to pick back up and figure out how to keep fighting for what is right. But keep on we must. More education, more outreach, more communication, more action. To be honest, obviously naively, I expected the opposite outcome. My impression of Mainers is that they embrace the “live-and-let-live” mentality, and I thought that would translate in the polls to an affirmation of the right to same-sex marriage. This is just another kick in the butt for me to recommit to speaking out, spreading the word, and doing the work in service of LGBTQ equality. And that goes way beyond just same-sex marriage.

But for right this minute, I suggest you sign a petition to urge President Obama to file a federal court challenge to Prop 8 (which would in turn, I imagine, set a precedent to affect what happened in Maine). Votes of the majority shouldn’t be able to determine the civil rights of a minority group.

And check out statements and reporting from GLAD, Pam Spaulding, Lambda Legal, and the Advocate.

Also, a friend of mine made a good point to thank all of the people that voted no on 1, and I echo that. But we need more.