Buy Nothing Day

Resist consumer culture!

The day after Thanksgiving, known as “Black Friday,” is traditionally a huge holiday shopping day. In response to growing consumerism, Adbusters has declared November 27 Buy Nothing Day, encouraging all of us to take a personal challenge to lock up (or cut up) our credit cards, keep our wallets closed, and opt out of consumer culture for 24 hours.

Want to take it up a notch? Adbusters suggests setting up shop in a local mall and offer to cut up willing customers’ credit cards, taking part in a zombie walk, or meandering with shopping carts in tow in a Whirl-mart conga line.

And this year, Adbusters is calling for a Wildcat General Strike—beyond just not shopping, take the non-consuming to a higher level: park your car and turn off your lights, televisions, and computers for the day.

At whatever level you choose to participate in Buy Nothing Day, it’s a great opportunity to experiment in curbing our consumerist tendencies. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to extend it to a buy-nothing holiday season. Last year, my extended family decided to donate non-perishables to a local food pantry in lieu of a whole lot of stuff we didn’t really need or want.

Take the plunge!