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Club Passim

Club Passim is a legendary folk-music venue that's been around for more than 50 years.

Now that I’m settling into Boston, I’m totally excited about all of the things there are to explore, whether it’s museums, lectures, films, workshops—or live music. One place that I already loved before moving here was Club Passim, a great folk-music venue in Harvard Square, where I saw Girlyman last year. I’ve already been back there twice since I’ve moved in, thanks to the generous welcome of an awesome friend. Seeing Jeffrey Foucault on February 6 followed by Kris Delmhorst 11 on February made my head want to explode (in the best kind of way) in contemplation of the fact that they’re married and all of that amazing talent—the distinct enchanting quality of their voices and the richness of their songwriting—lives in one family, one home.

So why do I love Club Passim?

  • Such a great number of artists I love play there (and yes, I’m seeing Girlyman there again when they play in March).
  • It’s tiny and feels like a cozy community of music lovers.
  • They have a music school (their big official name is Passim Folk Music and Cultural Center), where you can take music lessons and workshops on the guitar, banjo, ukulele, fiddle, and more.
  • They are also home to Veggie Planet, which serves really delicious food before and during shows (and also does a great Sunday brunch).

Stay tuned for many more things in the Things-I-Love-About-Boston series!

Excuse my recent absence! I’ve been on hiatus in the midst of moving to Boston and starting a new job, but I am soon to return. Because in addition to all that business, I’ve been brainstorming a plethora of things I have to say and want to tell you about! Plus, Boston is already providing a smorgasbord of new things that I’m excited about (definitely stay tuned for a things-I-love-about-Boston series). This weekend, I’ll be back for a more regular schedule of posting. ‘Til then!

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