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Feminist Hulk


If you haven’t met the delightful genius that is Feminist Hulk on Twitter, you are truly missing out. Feminist Hulk self-identifies as a cisgendered male that totally digs feminism and taking down all sorts of oppression. His motto? “HULK SAYS FUCK PATRIARCHY. HULK HERE TO SMASH GENDER BINARY.” Feminist Hulk even extends his desire to end oppression to language (with an exception for bell hooks): “HULK USE ALL-CAPS. HULK CHOOSE NOT TO IMPOSE HIERARCHY ON LANGUAGE. PLUS, BIG HULK FINGERS MAKE SHIFT-KEY PROBLEMATIC.” Feminist Hulk’s hero is Judith Butler (who I haven’t read, but it’s about time). He says things like, “HULK VALUE THE RISK IT TAKE TO SHARE DELICATE HULK FEELINGS.” He likes to smash things that need smashing. Plus there’s the tiny purple shorts. What’s not to love?

I highly recommend reading Feminist Hulk’s tweets from the very beginning. And once you do, if you want more, check out the Ms. interview and Salon highlight. Then enjoy the daily musings of Feminist Hulk from here on out.

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